About Us

OVE-STEEL is a company for design and manufacture of rollers


OVESTEEL is a leading supplier of quality engineered conveyor idlers and accessories. The company’s aim is to provide high quality engineered products to markets at internationally competitive prices. We have partnered world renowned manufactures to help deliver this philosophy.

automotiveOVE-STEEL engages to develop a quality roller that met the most used standards ISO and DIN. With major capital investment the company produces a well regarded quality product for the global market and continues to invest in up to date machinery and improvements in manufacturing techniques to deliver cost effective quality products into the future. OVE-STEEL is a company for design and manufacture of all kind of conveyor rollers, idler and all other part that are using in these technology.

OVE-STEEL rollers are also manufactured in an extra low weight version, which is predominantly used for long trough and return idler rollers. With this technology, single roll return rollers that nor-mally weigh 50 kg can now be manufactured with a mass of no more than 21 kg. This is achieved by using our hollow shaft design. These are being mainly used on stacker / reclaimers and ship-loading facilities where accessibility is restricted and personnel need a light product to prevent injury.

The OVE-STEEL roller can be considered a long life roller that outlasts conventional idler rollers in harsh conditions. Several of our clients use our rollers to transport corrosive material. The OVE-STEEL idler roller has been site tested without incident and during that time significant enhancements have been made to further improve sealing efficiencies and ultimate roller life.

We believe our rollers are the right choice for operations interested in reducing the total cost of ownership through extended service life and reduced change-out schedules.


Concept engineering, budget preparation
Functional specification and conveyor design
Comprehensive range of conveyor equipment
Access to all brand specified components
Engineering and technical services support
Testing and refurbishment facilities
Site services including installation, supervision
Integration of equipment with other original
Operator training and assessment



OVE-STEEL always ahead in technological innovation, being large resources constantly invested in re-search and development. Excellent characteristic, continuous innovation, reliability, design, strict adherence to the international standarts are the secret of OVE-STEEL’s growing success.


Severe controls in the entire manufacturing process, from incoming material reception to the final strict computerized quality checks on the finished product, ensure the maximum care in the production, fully satisfying the Total Quality criteria; as a matter of facts OVE-STEEL, reached the prestigious ISO certifications.


OVE-STEEL company brings together world class practices to deliver a high quality Hi speed balanced roller, suitable for today’s heavy mining practices with large tonnage and high speed conveyors. We focus on the fundamental elements that provide suitable idler for each application.


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